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Mauro Brigham, architecte d'intérieur et directeur artistique de NC & BHAM : "Chez NC & BHAM, chaque projet est unique. Notre signature n'est pas formelle, mais réside au coeur de notre processus créatif".



We create rich experience-based environments embedding relevant context, clear functionality and boundless creativity in the process



Growing diversity, changing lifestyles and a desire for authenticity heralds a new era in how tomorrow’s guest will eat, drink, meet and interact. An era that requires brands, owners and operators to think differently, behave in new ways, create and tell a great story. Our food consultancy and engineering services will help you to define your needs, set clear objectives while looking at solutions with a fresh, innovative and methodical approach. Having a right and good concept is one of the important ingredients to a successful Food & Beverage business. We start with your vision, enhance it, design and implement your hospitality concept, kitchen and operations around it.




We specialize in the delivery of immersive and unique interiors, brand identity in refurbishment and new build projects. Our services encompass all stages of a properties development : from initial feasibility, architecture and interior design, cost and project management, through to project completion. Design and architecture are individual and tailored, responding to the requirements of the brief, to the character of an existing building and to the particularities of a site. We work closely with clients, technical experts and contractors, ensuring, through all design and construction stages, the highest quality craftsmanship and finish for each scheme. We are active in hospitality, office design, residential and retail.


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Mauro Brigham
Mauro Brigham
Interior designer / Creative director
Nicolas Ntalakidis
Nicolas Ntalakidis
Kitchen & Food developer

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2015 : 1.400.000 €
2016 : 1.800.000 €


Mauro brigham

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